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Drs. Ross, Desai, Selaru, Karkhanis and Josh Anderson, PA - 410-997-5191
FAX - 410-997-7957


Drs. Aleo, Eversley, Moore & Stahl - 410-997-7660


Dr. Leonardi, B. Bankert, CRNP, M. Conti, PA - 410-997-4780
FAX - 410-997-3196


Crossroads Professional Building
4801 Dorsey Hall Drive
Suite 201
Ellicott City
, MD  21042

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Medical Skin Therapeutics
(for Skin Care/Wellness Services)
Crossroads Professional Building
4801 Dorsey Hall Drive
Suite 110
Ellicott City
, MD  21042
Phone: 410-715-1707

Wellness Arts 
(an Integrative Healthcare Center)
Crossroads Professional Building
4801 Dorsey Hall Drive
Suite 202
Ellicott City, MD  21042
Phone: 410-715-0200

Crossroads Apothecary
(a Natural Medicine Apothecary)
Crossroads Professional Building
4801 Dorsey Hall Drive
Suite 210
Ellicott City, MD  21042
Phone: 410-992-4747

Thank you for using Crossroads Medical Associates as your primary care specialist.  Amidst an ever-changing healthcare environment, our physicians and staff are dedicated to meeting your health care needs.  We can help you learn more about how to stay healthy. Call us for an appointment!


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Crossroads Medical Associates is pleased to offer a new way to interact with our office.  This secure portal will allow you to request Appointments, Referrals, and Prescription Refills as well as communicate with the doctor’s office for any routine (non-emergency) issues.  No more phone calls, hold music, or voice mails!!

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At Crossroads Medical Associates, we
offer Primary and Wellness Care to adults and young adults.

We encourage our patients to follow a
personal healthcare program, and detect
medical problems in the early stages through appropriate screening tests and examination.

In addition to primary health & wellness care, we offer:

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